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The founders of FlexTecs believed there was a better way to recover lost profits, improve payment accuracy, and drive error prevention. Since 2011, we’ve helped enterprises resolve weaknesses in their financial controls faster through effective, innovative, and flexible technology solutions.
Our Technology

Recovery auditing

Complex enterprises and profit leakage:

they go hand-in-hand.

The larger your business, the greater likelihood that you’re juggling complex deals, endless networks of vendors and suppliers, and disparate systems that don’t speak to each other.

The inevitable result? Profit leakage.
Recovery Auditing Solutions

The growth of your business should never be a risk.

That's why we're changing the game of margin retention and profit recovery.
Our clients turn to us for our flexible, collaborative, no strings attached approach to profit recovery. FlexTecs combines cutting-edge, efficient, and secure technology tools with a client-first, proactive mentality: eliminating leakage, laying the groundwork for prevention, and identifying errors as close to the original transaction as possible, including before invoices are paid.

Efficient Recovery Audits that protect + grow your bottom line.

Whether you're looking for Pre-Event, Real-Time, Primary audits, or audit tools for your internal team, we’ll work with you on your terms, acting as an extension of your internal team.

Recovery Auditing Solutions +

Contract Compliance Audits that get everyone on the same page.

Contract variability, complexity, and misalignment all get in the way of contract compliance. We can help.

Contract Compliance Audits +

Technology solutions for a stronger FinTech foundation.

We partner with our clients to create innovative solutions to business process issues using data, technology, + our unique expertise.

FT Labs +

Defect protection > defect identification.
It's why we're different.

FlexTecs was founded on the idea that recovery auditing should extend beyond the basic identification of defects. Different from traditional Recovery Audit firms, we actively work to shift the approach from reactive to proactive, getting as close to prepayment as possible. At the end of the day, FlexTecs is here to help our clients help themselves.


employees who
consistently achieve


FinTech projects
that drive real insight


audited pre and


years experience on average for our senior audit team

It’s time to connect the dots in your business. We can help.