FlexTrack - Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

Our client and supplier portal provides configurable workflow, approvals, rules, and routing.

Core Elements

  • Complete and transparent access to claims with Real-Time reporting
  • Manages the claim submission, approval and reconciliation process
  • Configurable for client approvals
  • Supplier portal for claims management

FlexTrack allows for complete and transparent monitoring of the audit claims process. This application is used by our client and the audit team to manage the claim submission, approval and reconciliation process. It can also be used by our client’s suppliers to approve claims in a secure environment with complete claim packages providing the detail required (claim description, schedule and all back-up data including emails where relevant). FlexTrack capabilities also provide leadership dashboards to enable customized reporting and Real-Time claim monitoring, allowing our clients to review and act upon claims as they are written. Operating as a web-based application, FlexTrack contains the following features: 

  • Claim input with Real-Time update of status, approval and adjustments
  • Generation or attachment of claim packets and documentation
  • Track notes and follow-ups
  • Attach any document for historical information
  • Standard reports such as summary by supplier, claim type, status, etc.
  • Charts for management reports
  • Ad hoc reporting on demand
  • Web-based claim approval portal or via email link
  • Client login for management reporting
  • Download information to client system 

Our claims management system contains a portal to notify suppliers/buyers via email of pending claims to be approved. This does not require creating a user account for the buyers and suppliers. Instead, claims are shared via email links that provide restricted access to the claims to review and approve or deny claims. Shared links expire after a pre-determined timeframe and will no longer be accessible after the expiration period.

FlexTrack includes the following:

  • Dedicated Server Environment
  • Web-delivered solution via FlexTecs secure cloud
  • Standardized, easy to use web interface
  • Secured for internet transactions (Https/SSL, multi-layered firewalled architecture)
  • Client user profile-based access to information
  • Buyer/supplier access through emailed URLs that expire over time and provide limited access to specific claims
  • Simple to use reporting features including reports on Auditor/Audit Productivity
  • Ability to upload office documents, scanned documents and photographs
  • Audit trails for transparency of user interaction


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