FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform

The FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform (ATP) builds upon our team’s 25+ years of audit experience, with proprietary algorithms, machine learning and AI to create customized tools that deliver best-in-class results for our clients.

The FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform (ATP) combines our team’s 25+ years of audit experience with eight years of continuous investment enabling us to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients. The proprietary and flexible ATP provides our clients with the resources needed across the complete spectrum of a recovery audit cycle - from efficient and resourceful data acquisition and conversion, to fully customized audit tools that maximize recoveries and produce root cause data. The outputs support our client’s initiatives to implement process improvement actions and reduce future errors at the earliest opportunity. Our technical expertise coupled with our industry knowledge delivers lower cost, higher recoveries, greater return on investment, with more flexibility and detailed insight. The platform provides our auditors a stable and globally consistent audit foundation designed to maximize the speed and level of audit recoveries. 

The FlexTecs toolset is available to our clients for use by an internal team focused on payment accuracy and margin retention. Using the FlexTecs platform provides an integrated and consistent level of service across the finance, merchant, audit and procurement functions. FlexTecs tools and training can create a foundation upon which to build a high-functioning internal team with market leading capabilities.


The FlexTecs Audit Technology Platform (ATP) is a combination of Audit/IT Services and Tools that delivers best-in-class audit results tailored to our client’s specific challenges.



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