FlexEmail - Email Data Conversion & Review

Powerful tool to analyse unstructured data to create a full picture of commercial deals.

Core Elements

  • Structuring unstructured data
  • Email communications linked to audit data to increase efficiency
  • Filtered and flagged to eliminate sensitive internal material
  • Facilitates efficient audit production
  • Ability to translate into 80+ languages

Over 95% of all communication between buyers and suppliers transpires via email. The ability to access this information greatly increases error discovery, claim validation, and efficient audit production. Lack of email data negatively impacts the depth of an audit and increases the resource cost required to gather supporting documentation for claims.

The FlexTecs email acquisition process occurs from backup datasets and is non-invasive to our client’s live email environment. Our tool supports any format, including Outlook, Exchange, Notes, MSG, and others. We have continually updated FlexEmail to meet the demanding turn-around times required from our accelerated/near Real-Time reviews. Our data conversion speed is an industry best, achieving one day conversion times. FlexEmail contains many important features such as the ability to fix corrupt mailboxes (a common occurrence), and remove internal correspondence and other client specific exclusions during processing. These features allow a clean data set for the audit review stage while enforcing client confidentiality parameters.

With email data continually increasing in size, FlexEmail has been designed to work with compressed data and, therefore, has scalability to operate with massive datasets from the largest companies in the world. 

At the audit review stage, FlexEmail provides further functionality for the user to quickly identify and isolate relevant correspondence using dynamic keyword searches and preprogrammed categorization for claim areas using machine learning from keywords and phrases typically found in conversation and supporting documentation. Additionally, FlexEmail has the ability to translate 80+ global languages providing quick and accurate translation within the audit process.

FlexEmail structures unstructured email data for fast, efficient and accurate reviews, maximizing recoveries and highlighting prevention and improvement opportunities.




Leading the way in audit recovery.