Accelerated, Real-Time Recovery Audit

The FlexTecs Real-Time audit focuses on getting our clients caught up on previous fiscal years not yet audited, and then moving directly in to Real-Time

Benefits of the FlexTecs Accelerated, Real-Time Delivery Model

  • Continuous, accelerated Primary reviews, close to the transaction (pre-pay and post-pay)
  • Audit completed within agreed timelines
  • Better alignment between trading, finance, and suppliers
  • 100% review of all suppliers with improved supplier transparency  
  • Time restricted suppliers reviewed within contractual limits
  • Accelerated recoveries improve cash flow with working capital uplift
  • High claim acceptance rate with reduced paybacks improve supplier relations
  • Rapid feedback with Real-Time process and IT improvement recommendations
  • Mitigation of financial discrepancies and margin loss 

Organizations will see recoveries returned to them more quickly by moving to an accelerated Real-Time model with audit activities taking place on a quarterly, or even monthly basis, following the original transaction as closely as possible, or ideally – prior to payment being made. This quicker pace of recovery provides for improved supplier relationships by addressing potential errors in a timely manner. The FlexTecs model goes beyond any solution offered by others in the industry. Our solution includes our proprietary Audit Technology Platform (ATP) that enables the audit to take place in Real-Time. However, our Real-Time audit is more than just an automated tool set. It includes the FlexTecs expert on-shore team coupled with our highly skilled global production specialists operating on a high yield 24-hour schedule. This hybrid approach allows us to scale while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The FlexTecs Accelerated, Real-Time Recovery Audit focuses on helping our clients catch up on previous fiscal years not yet audited, and then moving directly in to Real-Time auditing thereafter. The Real-Time audit may take the form of FlexTecs performing a Primary audit for a client closely following the transaction, with reviews occurring on a quarterly or even monthly basis. Alternatively, the Real-Time audit may take the form of FlexTecs staff and our client’s Internal Audit Group working collaboratively to maximize internal recoveries directly behind the transaction or ideally, before payment is made.




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