About Us

We are focused on transforming the post audit industry to look at Near-Time/Real-Time transactions, working closely with our clients to deliver an integrated preventative audit under the control of their internal teams.

Our name Flexible Technology Solutions exemplifies who we are and what we do. We offer our clients many ways to develop the internal controls needed to reduce errors and lost profits. Our audit recovery solution models provide immediate margin improvement.
About us

Our Story

FlexTecs was created through the vision and innovation of one of the Recovery Audit Industry founders, John Cook. John Cook was instrumental in the creation of what is now a multi-million dollar, worldwide industry serving global and regional retailers, manufacturers, consumer product companies, and other leading organizations.

In 2011, John and the other founders of FlexTecs understood that a more innovative and disruptive model was needed to focus on helping retailers and other leading organizations prevent profit leakage and recover lost cash as close to the original transaction as possible, all at a lower cost and higher ROI.

After delivering seven successive years of growth, FlexTecs is redefining the global payment accuracy / recovery audit market, and now serves over 50 retail and commercial clients across North America, UK, Europe and Asia. To do that, we created the only Global Audit Resource Team linking audit centers in the US, Europe and Asia to deliver a continuous audit process that enables us to deliver a faster and more comprehensive audit for clients.

At FlexTecs, we believe that our values transcend all cultures and geographies as basic tenets for how we conduct ourselves and deal with others.

In support of our in-country resource we augment client focused teams with our service center based in Nepal. The center was founded to continue the philanthropic work John Cook had been performing in the region. Today, some of those who were supported through his work have gone on to become leaders in our operations at FlexTecs Nepal.

Since our launch we have created a global platform developing a stable and loyal group of clients, and delivering true innovation where the established players have been slow to change. FlexTecs has been able to quickly establish market leading capabilities without the weight of heavy legacy infrastructure and cost constraints.

Our clients have always been, and continue to be, some of our strongest advocates. By choosing to work with FlexTecs, our clients realize the full benefit of an integrated global audit delivered to market defining standards.

About us


Leading the way in audit recovery.