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Executive Team

Global Senior Leadership Team

Bradley Roos

President and Chief Executive Officer

Brad Roos was appointed as the President and CEO for FlexTecs in 2018, having acted as the CEO for Europe and Asia-Pacific since the founding of the company in 2011.

During that time, he has overseen the rapid growth of FlexTecs into one of the leading recovery audit and FinTech companies in the world, and experiencing 10 consecutive years of growth since formation.

In 2010, Brad co-founded and was CEO of a services and technology start-up firm in Singapore, funded via private equity. He also served for a decade as Executive Officer and Division President of Europe-Asia-Pacific at NASDAQ, trading financial service firm PRGX Global. Prior to that, Brad spent fifteen years with The Coca-Cola Company in America and Asia, holding a number of senior management positions.

Brad has leveraged his professional services and consumer product background to develop multinational business teams across thirty-five countries with a career spanning time in Singapore, London, Hong Kong, and the United States. In 2011, Brad, working alongside John Cook, created  Flexible Technology Solutions. FlexTecs model is focused on trapping cash in the business before payments are made. The goal for FlexTecs is to help our clients improve their trading income, reduce their reliance on third party firms, and shift the focus to preventative solutions.

Tom Cook

President and Chief Operations Officer
Tom Cook is the COO & President of FlexTecs. Having joined the company as one of the founding Partners in 2011, his focus is on strategic planning, client satisfaction, global operations, technology development, and talent management. He leads the P&L for North America and our international delivery teams, and has worked with all our leading accounts to ensure the quality of our delivery and the results we achieve are the finest in the industry.

William Moylan

Chief Financial Officer

William Moylan, Chief Financial Officer for FlexTecs, joined the company in 2018. He is responsible for all financial related activities of the company. William provides leadership, direction, and management of the finance and accounting teams in addition to providing strategic recommendations to the CEO / COO, as well as, other members of the executive management team. He manages the processes for financial forecasting and budgets, overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting and cash flow. In addition, William is responsible for all HR functions and oversees relationships with external partners and stakeholders.

Prior to joining FlexTecs, he spent over 17 years working for companies in the media industry. He has had spanning roles within The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner Turner Broadcasting, and Time Warner Enterprise Services. William got a BS Accounting degree from the University of Scranton and has an MBA (Finance) from The Pennsylvania State University.

John Kidd

Chief Technology Officer

John joined FlexTecs in 2011 and is now the CTO / EVP for Data Strategy and IT Innovation.  

He is responsible for overseeing development of FlexTecs technology solutions including data analytics. recovery audit solutions, as well as designing innovative solutions for our clients to solve various FinTech related problems.

He has 30 years of software / product development experience, spanning multiple industries that include logistics, banking, insurance, healthcare, global trade, retail, and grocery. During his career, he has developed products and solutions for many different companies that have been included in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500. His passion is using data and technology to streamline operations and / or create competitive advantages for customers.

He has been involved with all aspects of the development cycle, from customer discovery to development and implementation, creating solutions for problems such as document management, workforce management, recovery audit, electronic prescriptions, automated medication dispensing, harmonized tariff classification, and COBRA Insurance Administration.

Andy Vanderveer

SVP, Audit Operations | North America

Andy joined FlexTecs and took on SVP of Audit Operations for North America in 2013 and has overseen our growth in clients, ever since. He is responsible for the overall service delivery to our North American clients which includes ensuring client satisfaction with our services, operation delivery of our audit services, and ensuring we deliver against client budgets. Internally, he is responsible for staffing, resource allocation, audit development, forecasting / budgeting, training and development, and overall revenue delivery.

Andy has over 26 years of experience within the Recovery Audit industry, working his way up through the ranks of the industry by taking on increasing levels of responsibility based on his success at each level. He has worked with clients right across the Fortune 100, including companies in retail, manufacturing, grocery, healthcare, and pharmacy sectors.  

Andy studied for his Bachelor of Science Business degree at Wake Forest University and then went on to gain an MBA at Wake Forest University Babcock School of Management.

Sudan Chapagain

SVP, Nepal Division

Sudan Chapagain joined FlexTecs in 2011 and was responsible for the creation and growth of the Nepal Audit Center. He was appointed SVP for the Nepal Division in 2018.

He is responsible for the P&L, HR, operational development, audit efficiency, production, and output of the Nepal Audit Center, which has grown since 2011 to over 300 employees. 

Sudan has over 10 years of experience in retail and commercial auditing, operational management, and budget and P&L management.

Sudan studied at Campion College in Kathmandu, earning a Bachelor of Business Studies in 2010.

Andy Gill

SVP, Operations | International

Andy Gill was appointed SVP of International Operations in August 2018. He joined FlexTecs in 2017 as one of the founding members of the company. He is responsible for the management of all operational activity, including managing client relationships, the management of all operational support staff, P&L, HR, and new and existing client development for the International Division of FlexTecs. 

Andy has over 25 years of experience in the Recovery Audit industry, working with most of the leading retailers in the UK, Europe, and Asia, as well as managing audits for banks, financial institutions, and manufacturers. Andy holds a BSc Honors Degree in Business Computing from the University of Sunderland.

Aidan Taylor

SVP, Business Development | International

Aidan Taylor, SVP of Business Development for FlexTecs International, joined FlexTecs in 2017 and is responsible for New and Existing Client Development across the UK, Europe, and Asia. 

Aidan has almost 30 years of marketing and business development experience gained through successful business relationships with FTSE and FORTUNE 100 companies in Finance, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Travel, Hospitality, and Service Sectors. Aidan has gained local market experience across Europe, including the Nordics, the US, India, China, and other markets in Asia and Australasia performing roles for HBOS, Santander, Virgin Money, AXA, and Aviva.  

Aidan holds a BSc from the University of Wales, Cardiff and has also studied Sales and Marketing at Cranfield and Leeds University Business Schools.

Craig Lawrence

SVP, Global Clients

Craig Lawrence, SVP of Global Clients joined FlexTecs in July 2018, and was promoted into his current role in July 2019.

He is responsible for the global service delivery of audit programs, FinTech, and error prevention initiatives at Global clients.

Craig has a long career in the recovery audit industry working within the industry since 2003, and has extensive experience running Recovery and Contract Compliance audits, as well as other FinTech projects within the Retail and Commercial markets. On top of that, he also has direct experience working within the Insurance and Retail sectors.

Craig has a BA Honors of Economics for Business from Leeds Beckett University.

Ajit Shah

Head of Business Developement | Partner in Asia-Pacific-Middle East
Ajit Shah has been involved in FlexTecs in various roles since 2011. Currently as Head of Business Development, Ajit is responsible for business development, growth, and client relations, as well as having contributed to the growth of our Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern markets. Ajit is also a founding partner at the FlexTecs Shared Services Center in Nepal and a shareholder in FlexTecs. 
Ajit has over 20 years experience with strengths in Entrepreneurship, International Collaboration, Business Development, Team Management, Business Strategy & Disrupting Industries.
Upon completing his Bachelor of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, he continued his education and is currently in the Executive Education, President’s Program at Harvard Business School.

Ash Lidster

Director and Practice Lead, Contract Compliance

Ash Lidster, the Director and Practice Lead for Contract Compliance, joined FlexTecs in September 2020. Ash is responsible for service delivery across Contract Compliance and forensic auditing reviews, working with clients and vendors alike to ensure internal controls are maximized.

Ash has deep experience working for several industry-leading multi-site retailers and facility management services. With over 23 years in the internal audit industry, Ash has extensive practical knowledge of loss prevention, fraud detection, and risk management techniques and specializes in contract compliance. As an expert in identifying contractual failings, Ash plays an instrumental role in embedding contract compliance programs at international retailers and commercial organizations.

Ash is a member of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors.

Brad Neilson

SVP, Global Operational Excellence & Efficiency

As Senior Vice President of Global Operational Excellence and Efficiency, Brad partners with our global teams to maximize people, processes, and technology. With client needs at the forefront, his team’s efforts help us improve and evolve our industry-leading services, technology, and flexibility.

Prior to joining FlexTecs, he spent 28 years serving at some of the recovery audit industry’s top providers. He has extensive experience at all global operational and leadership levels including team leadership, production, business development, executive collaboration and communication, and new service implementation. His proven philosophy of “clients first” resulted in many successful and long-term engagements, promotions, and partnerships.

Brad is a proud graduate of the University of Utah where he earned a BA in Political Science–International Relations, with minors in French Language and History. He is an active supporter of local and international charitable organizations including Ghana Make a Difference, Boy Scouts of America (father of 4 Eagle Scouts), youth sports, Habitat for Humanity, and humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

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