We help our clients connect the dots + improve their bottom line through flexible technology solutions.

Every day, we work to make things better - whether that means offering more technology solutions that empower our clients, addressing the shortcomings present in the recovery auditing industry through disruptive innovation, or giving back to our global community. 

Our founders believed there was a better way, and then they set out to build it.

Data-driven, actionable insights to help you find, then follow the money.

FlexTecs was founded by the pioneers of the recovery auditing industry. Our name - an abbreviation of Flexible Technology Solutions - emphasizes our belief that, through flexible technology, we can help our clients overcome their challenges, shift from a reactive to proactive approach, and ultimately, find better ways to do business.

Our Story

Pragmatic Innovation Built on a Flexible Foundation

1970 - 1990

State of recovery auditing - mostly small regional businesses.

1970 - 1990


John Cook starts Profit Recovery Group (PRG) and begins acquiring the smaller recovery auditing firms with the goal of digitizing the profit recovery world.


PRG goes public on NASDAQ, becoming the largest recovery auditing firm in the world.



PRG and Howard Schultz & Associates merge to form PRG-Schultz, which later becomes PRGX.


After years of success in the industry, John retires from PRGX, selling all interest in PRGX.



John Cook returns to the recovery audit space by founding FlexTecs. Having worked in the recovery auditing industry for decades, John’s goal was to reimagine the business model and disrupt the very industry he pioneered


FlexTecs expands from North America to an International presence.



FlexTecs delivers +84% recoveries vs. traditional firms. 


FT Labs, our innovation incubator, is created to develop custom solutions for our clients.


2016 - 2019

Major client acquisitions in US, European, and Asian markets drive continued growth and innovation.


FlexTecs reaches 50+ clients and ~300 employees, FlexTecs drives value across the globe.



After delivering 9 years of successive growth, FlexTecs is redefining the global payment accuracy / recovery audit market, and now serves 55+ retail and commercial clients across NA, UK, Europe, and Asia with over >$3T audited and 3,500 FinTech projects. 

We are FlexTecs

The FlexTecs team of 300+ professionals is inspired to deliver outstanding service. Our focus is on transforming the Source-to-Pay audit process by offering our clients a wide range of flexible strategies and technologies that empower them to protect their bottom line.

Together, we continue to build one of the fastest growing and most innovative audit firms in the world.

The Three Pillars of our Success


We are always asking ourselves, “how can we do better?” From our global auditing process that drives efficiency and agility, to our team of data analysts and auditing experts who have decades of combined experience helping companies improve their bottom line, to the very technology that underpins everything we do - we’re always striving for more and for better.

Recovery Auditing Solutions +


We don’t force our clients to fit the mold of our solutions - we custom build our solutions to fit our clients’ unique needs. Our approach to our work is fundamental to the pillars. Our clients are our partners, and we firmly believe that our success depends on their success.



We want to make things better in every possible way - that’s why we go beyond defect identification, offering the tools, training, custom technology, and staff support needed to help our clients help themselves.

FlexTools +

Our team of heavy hitters work hard every single day to connect the dots and transform the recovery auditing industry for the better.


Executive Team

Global Senior Leadership Team


Our Nepal Team

In support of our in-country resources, we augment with client-focused teams within our service center based in Nepal. The center is a natural evolution, in part born from philanthropic work John Cook had been performing in the region for over 30 years. Today, some of those whose education was supported through John’s work have gone on to become leaders within our operations at FlexTecs Nepal.

JMC Opportunity Initiatives + 

Careers at FlexTecs

Operating for clients across the globe we're committed to redefining the payment accuracy / recovery audit industry with extensive opportunity for growth and personal development.

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